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Not Getting Approved? We Can Help

Getting approved for a loan can be a scary task.Our dedicated credit professionals are here to help you learn what your best option may be.

step 1 Free Consultation

Get quick advice from a credit professional on how you can drastically improve your credit score. We are here to help.

step 2 Credit Analysis

Our credit repair case analyst will look over your credit report to prepare an effective program for repairing your credit.

step 3 Credit Repair

We pinpoint and repair any mistakes on your credit report before mailing out disputes.

step 4 Credit Freedom

Now that your credit has been repaired you can start applying for lower interest rate credit cards, home loans and more.

Why Credit Repair 1st?

We stay in touch with some of the most trusted lenders in the United States and we can help you qualify to refinance your high-interest loans, obtain a brand new auto or new home loan or even qualify for credit cards. Don’t just settle for high-interest rates. Let Credit Repair 1st help you achieve the low-interest rates you deserve.


Do you have Credit Problem?

We can help! Credit Repair 1st has helped thousands like your self restore their credit and return to their comfortable life style. Your credit score isn't just another number, it is the only number anyone who is going to lend you money will really ever see and trust. So if you’re looking to lower your monthly bills and lead a healthier stress free life, then Credit Repair 1st can help.


Is your Credit Report Accurate?

In a recent credit report survey, 70% contained inaccurate items of some kind and 29% of all the reports showed serious errors which could deny a credit applicant altogether. 41% of the reports contained incorrect personal/demographic information and 20% were missing major credit cards, loans, mortgages, or other accounts that are critical to proving credit history and the applicant's worthiness.


You Name It. We Can Remove It.

At Credit Repair 1st, we've successfully disputed every type of issue a credit report can have and we're ready and waiting to help you with yours now. Our credit Freedom programs are developed around extensive research of credit bureau tactics and consumer credit laws for our clients.


The Law Is On Your

And so are we. Credit repair is not only legal, it's your right. The Fair Credit & Reporting Act grants you the right to dispute questionable items on your credit report and allows you to have assistance with the process. Knowing how the system really works is why it is smart to hire us.

Services: What We Do

Have you had trouble obtaining a good interest rate? Are you considering buying a home, refinancing your existing mortgage or purchasing a automobile? We can help.

Late Payments

Who doesn't run into a situation or misunderstanding from time to time. We understand and so should the financial institutions. Let us help you show them it was just a misunderstanding and get your late payments removed.


Charge-offs happen to the best of us. Sometimes for a good reason. The financial institutions do not always play fair. The good news for you is your government knows this also. Let us help you remove your charge-offs so you don't need to continually be taken advantage of.


Bankruptcies are life changing but they dont have to be devistating, We have removed thousands of backruptcies that people thought were non-removable.


Judgements are tough but we are tougher. We can remove most almost any type of judgement with our proven credit repair methods.


Inquiries shouldn't count against you in the first place, but they do so let us help you make it as they never happened so you can get the interest rate you deserve.


We all know no one wants to give up their home. Foreclosures are usually behyond your control and you shouldn't have to be without a home or bad interest rate because of it. Let us repair your credit and remove your foreclosure.


Repossession can make it so you can't buy a car at most dealers again. We can help remove a repossesion like it never happened.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is on the rise and the damage done is real. We can help reverse that damage and restore your credit.

Incorrect Personal Info

We correct your personal information so you get credit for all your credit worthyness.

Increase Your Credit Score

We will Increase Your Credit Score Quickly & Accurately

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